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The Violet Unicorn hosts a series of classes and events every month, all year!  The painting evenings are a lot of fun and there is no experience necessary! I sketch the picture onto the canvas for you and we go through it section by section almost like a paint by number.   Evening and afternoon sessions are held in my shop at 30 Government Wharf Road! You may bring a beverage and snack with you or get something at one of the local shops during the break-sometimes we even order pizza!  Most painting sessions run for about two hours.

Weaving classes are amazingly relaxing! For many of the classes I set up the looms ahead of time for you and you just come and do the fun, easy part. I also offer loom warping classes if you wish to take your skills further. I have a wide array of yarns made from various fibres so that you can experiment with your creation and ensure you can wear and enjoy your completed project.  If you find that you REALLY enjoyed the class, I am also a dealer for Schacht looms and can hook you up with the appropriate loom for your needs and all the accessories. 

Please wear painting clothes for any of the fabric sculpting classes or painting events. The liquid fabric hardener we used is called Powertex and it's easy to remove from your skin, but not so easy to get out of your clothing. 

Below is the calendar for the next month. If you wish to reserve a seat in any class, you must prepay. I am able to accept bank transfer, PayPal, credit card and we can arrange cash payment.   All painting sessions are $40 including tax, unless otherwise stated.

For any of these classes, you can book your own private group-for information on this, please click HERE


In the event that you need to cancel your reservation , 48 hours notice is required. If sufficient notice is given, you may transfer the fee from that class to another class on the schedule. 

For winter classes - I will cancel a class if it is looking horrible out and post on the home page of my website or on my Facebook page that the session will not be happening. I will attempt to contact everybody personally to make sure they know about the change.  For situations where I have cancelled the event, you will be able to transfer your fee to another class. If you are not sure if your booked event is going to happen, please call me to confirm 902-463-5411.


Acrylic, beginner level and I walk you through it step by step. All materials will be provided. Please prepay to register for the session.  $40 per person.

February 21 at 6:00pm


Choose one of over 50 paintings from previous sessions.  See the Paintings For Classes tab above to choose. I supply everything you need for the class. Please prepay $40 to register.

February 28 at 6:00pm


Come and learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom! We will weave a beautiful project and complete in one session to take home with you.  Some classes you choose the colours and some are multi colour. Class is about three to four hours long depending on how fast you weave. 

Sessions available:

Scarf weaving Tuesday February 25th @ 1:00pm

Hat weaving Saturday, February 29 @ 1:00pm