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Online Ordering

The shop is now open, but you can still order online. The masks are not currently listed in the online shop, so please call to ask which fabric patterns are available.

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Non-medical masks now available at the shop!

I have been hoarding crazy fabric for years and I'm finally vindicated! I have a wide range of awesome masks - Dr. Who, Star Wars, Walking Dead and lots more while supplies last. I also, of course, have LOTS of unicorn masks. If you are having trouble getting your kids to wear a mask, try an awesome pattern and they may want to wear it to show it off! I have adult size and child size available.  I can make them two layers or three layers with an inner layer of polypropylene.
The masks are all available for purchase online-just click the link below to see what I currently have for designs. 
      Thank you for supporting local! 

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